Sunday, November 27, 2011

Globalized Adidas Impacted Preferences [Akhmed Shukurov]

View Adidas in a larger map


  1. This is a great map for seeing how wide spread Adidas is globally. Pretty incredible in fact. I think it would help if you included the cities in the descriptions of your points. And I noticed in the map that the one section of what looks like China doesn't have any coloring indicating it doesn't have any Adidas? Why is that?
    -Zach Bass

  2. Comment by Zach Lum:

    Your map is nicely put together. I like how it's easy to navigate and easy to understand and how it's not overwhelmed with too many lines. I think there might be a small mistake with the Product Shipment line connecting Germany to Australia. In the description it says, "From Germany and China to Austria". You probably meant "Australia" instead of "Austria".

  3. I like the way you tied every part of the world into Adidas' influence!

    By the way, do you mean Adidas came to the North American market in 2000 or these developments have been made since then?

    -Ethan Fortner