Friday, December 2, 2011

Dutch shell oil by Jacqueline Kim. Section AD

View The Dutch Shell Oil Spill in a larger map


  1. I see from this map that you researched a lot on the Dutch Shell. Great job! I did not know that Sakhalin Island was such a big oil and gas fields, which had supplied oil and natural gas for Asia-Pacific region and North America. It would help if you clarified which colour of lines represented, for example, sourcing commodity chains and market access lines.

    -Ayano Mori

  2. I hadn't realized the number of different extraction sites that exist and the distance traveled to then reach refinery sites. Everything on this map is well displayed and it is clear to see the different global connections of the company

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  4. i like the different labels you used. haha, its interesting to see where the oilis coming from and going- the relationship between the major oil users and producers.

    Jessica Eunseon Kim

  5. I really liked the clearly illustrated pipelines. It demonstrates well how global the company is. The map is really easy to understand too. Good job.

    -Carl Taylor