Friday, December 2, 2011

Price of quenching your thirst via Coca Cola: Eunji Tina Lee

View Price of quenching your thirst via Coca Cola in a larger map


  1. Your map is very well done. It has lots of good information and is easy to follow. I can tell that it was really well researched.

    Danika Jones

  2. Very well researched! I did not know that there was so many distributions area for this company.

    Edward Sanchez

  3. Your map is very clear. It contains some information of the place. It really shows the relations from suppliers to markets.

    Chia-Chia Wu

  4. Your map is extremely clear, with clean lines that are simple, which makes it very simple to follow. It seems that you did your research, and it shows in the map.
    Great information content as well!

    Airi Matthews

  5. I definitely agree with all of the four, previously stated comments that this map does a good job at explaining where Coca Cola is distributed and the map is clear to follow. However, it would've made it stronger if you were to give a little bit of explanation about Hellenic not being distributed to other countries such as India, China, etc.

    -Akhmed Shukurov