Thursday, December 1, 2011

Maddie Cordner's Map of McDonald's Global Reach

View McDonald's Global Sourcing in a larger map


  1. Comment by Zach Lum:

    I liked how you kept your map clean and not overly cluttered (which would've been easy to do if you mapped all of its locations). The busiest and biggest McDonald locations were interesting too. Concerning the Mrs. Bector and Amrit Food companies that supply sauce, buns, and dairy products, maybe you can clarify whether these companies provide ALL of the sauce, buns and dairy products for McDonalds worldwide or do they provide just in Asia, or just in India?

  2. I think your map is interesting that on the map, it has pointed out that where are the largest amount of Mcdonald's restaurants. I didn't know before!!

    Chia-Chia Wu

  3. Great strategies for representing McDonald's Global reach. I was surprised by finding out that Moscow has the busiest stores across the world when McDonald's isn't a Russian TNC. While going over your map, I've noticed that Africa has no imports nor exports. Does this mean that McDonalds does not operate in Africa? Or is it just that the stores aren't big or popular enough to be appeared on this map?
    -Akhmed Shukurov