Thursday, December 1, 2011

Google's Offices and Data Centers - Zach Lum, Section AD

View Google's Offices and Data Centers in a larger map


  1. Great job showing Google's centralized locations and a bit of their span (I didn't know they had much of a presence in Africa)! Where'd you find more of their datacenters? I could only find the ones they officially list on (The main ones in the US and northern Europe)
    -Ethan Fortner

  2. Very well constructed and good use of MyMap's tools. It is also interesting to know how Europe has more Google offices than United States does. I've noticed that you shaded the entire area of the US; what would that represent?

    -Akhmed Shukurov

  3. This map crearlt shows how globally Google is running businesses. I did not know they operated in the middle of Africa. Also, it is interesting to see in which regions Google has developed markets and which market they will develop next.

    -Ayano Mori